Cashier & Bitcoin Guide

Using Bitcoin is a lot easier than people think. It's as easy as signing up to an exchange (like registering with any other website) and linking to your bank account. Due to KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations you will often be required to verify your account with an identity document.

We've also made a note about avoiding volatility below as we know this is a concern for many people new to Bitcoin.

We'll generalise with "Bitcoin" and "Dollar" in this guide but we accept many other cryptocurrencies and you obviously may be using many other stable currencies.

Using Exchanges

An exchange allows you to connect directly to your bank account.
You can buy Bitcoin by converting Dollars directly from your bank account.
You can sell Bitcoin by converting back into Dollars directly to your bank account.

We recommend checking out Coinbase to learn how to cash in and out with Bitcoin.

You can also utilise these other exchanges:

Sending Bitcoin

Please send your deposits to bitcoin wallet 3CHP1BeHvg1rHofTxGKmXHrtEMJ18SGmDH or use the QR code on this page and Contact Us with your email address, deposit amount and time of deposit.

Buying Bitcoin with Credit/Debit Cards and CashApp

It is very easy to buy and deposit bitcoin with credit/debit card if you are in a rush but please note that you will likely have to link your bank account to an exchange to cash out so consider setting up an account with one of our recommended exchanges above.

Check out this excellent guide on Reddit for help with sending Bitcoin through the CashApp. And here's a handy guide for buying Bitcoin with a credit card.

Avoiding Volatility

We keep your funds in dollars to ensure your funds are safe from large swings while you play with us. We suggest you do the same if you're not experienced with trading Bitcoin. So you spend as little time as possible open to volatility. You can move from Dollar to Bitcoin and back again in as little as 10mins, practically negating the risk.